Grilled chicken cubes

Grilled chicken cubes

Product information:

These chicken cubes are produced from Finnish meat. The grilled chicken cubes can be used in many different ways. Add the frozen cubes to a boiling soup or sauce. The cubes do great in a salad.

You can find the product in the freezer in Citymarket, Minimani and in Halpa-Halli.


Chicken tie meat, water, glucose (dextrose), salt, stabilizer (E450, E451), aroma. Origin of chicken meat Finland.

Meat content 95 %.

The grilled and sliced chicken are ready to eat, free from lactose and gluten.

Package size:

300 g

≈ 4 min

≈ 4 min

≈ 2 min

Nutrition information 100g: 

Gluteeniton Laktoositon

Energy 591 kJ / 141 kcal
Fat 7,3 g 
- about which saturated fatty acid 2,1 g 
Carbohydrate 0,4 g 
- about which sugar 1 g 
Protein 19 g 
Salt 1,1 g 
Lactose 0/100 g